The Day I didn’t go to the Hospital


It was a sunny day when I got called out of class by the school’s secretary. The look on her face conveyed the news before her mouth did, something was wrong. (Action) The day had begun as ordinary as any other day. While my dad was reading the paper, absent-mindedly stirring his coffee, my mum sat quietly at the head of the table and we kids munched on freshly baked rolls. When my dad got up to work, I didn’t say goodbye. I never did. (Background) The secretary put a hand on my shoulder. “Your father had an accident”, she said. “He’s in the hospital. Would you like to go home?” (Development) Hearing the word accident, I became so very afraid, all I could do is shake my head no. That day, I didn’t go to the hospital. I could not bear seeing my dad. Not knowing what really had happened, all I could think about was that he might die. (Climax) When I finally went to see him the next day – he had fallen from a ladder and broken his leg multiple times –, I knew from the look on his face that he was disappointed in me. I don’t know if he knew from the look on mine that I had feared for his life. From that day on, I always said goodbye to my dad – and in my mind I always added “I love you”. (Ending)


Diese Geschichte ist das Ergebnis einer Schreibübung: ABDCE-Struktur aus dem Coursera-Kurs “Creative Writing”.

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